Women and Wealth

While many of the basic rules of investing hold true for all investors, some life events affect women differently than men, and can have an impact on investment decisions. 

Women have several traits that lead them to perform better than men as investors, according to a new Wells Fargo Investment Institute report:

  • Greater willingness to show patience

  • Forgo excessive trading

  • Seek education

  • Adhere to an investment plan

Despite women having traits that may help them perform better as investors, a woman’s needs and obstacles can be more challenging, especially for retirement. She earns only 83% of a man’s median earnings according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and those earnings are often reduced when she works less to assume caregiving roles for her children and/or parents.

Consider these statistics and how they impact a woman’s retirement strategy:

• 35% of women say their biggest fear about retirement is they “will run out of money.”  – Wells Fargo 2014 Affluent Women’s retirement survey

•Women believe that they will need to save $500,000 (median) in order to feel financially secure in retirement; among those who estimated their savings needs, 56% say they “guessed.” - 2017 Transamerica Retirement Survey

Through our Envision® planning process, our team works to address the specific challenges faced by women. We have found that by working through a planning process, and having a plan in place, women feel more empowered in making financial decisions and secure in their financial future.




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